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More Personal Marketing Secrets.

Brian Hemsworth - Newman Grace Based on the outpouring of interest in the last post on the M-F-T method of networking, I’ll continue the conversation. This is a powerful way to improve your networking and personal marketing skills. It’s a technique we at Newman Grace have developed with our advertising and marketing clients, originally for ads we created.

First off, remember that you will always connect more if you can get the other person to speak more. By connecting on something deeper than a superficial topic, such as M-F-T teaches us, we create engagement. When you’re speaking to someone who is engaged, they remember more, and they like you more (both good for personal marketing).

Don’t come right out and ask what someone fears, but rather ask probing questions. For what matters, try something like, “What’s on your mind today?” For fear, try a question like,  “What’s your/your company’s biggest challenge right now? And for treasure, try not to ask. Listen for clues, instead. Listen for what they’re doing after work or on the weekend.

For those who missed it, M-F-T tells us that when we are networking, online or offline, we should talk about what “M”atters, what the other person “F”ears, and/or what they “T”reasure. These topics allow for deeper conversation, more connection, and the better likelyhood for a relationship that will turn into business or a referral. For a great book that supports our process, check out at http://tinyurl.com/n3bfjb

Would love to hear your comments!

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Would love to hear your comments.

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