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Brand Energy – Harnessing a Powerful New Marketing Concept!

Why is it that an airline like Southwest seems to be “happening” while airlines like Continental just seem to be plodding along?

Why does Apple seem to be the “go to” brand for MP3 players and phones, while other electronics firm just seem like followers?

Why is it that Google, Facebook and Walmart just seem to keep getting stronger, while Yahoo, MySpace and Kmart seem to be fading from the spotlight?

The answer? Brand energy.

Brand energy is a new concept that has been discussed quietly for the past few years. Why quietly? Because it doesn’t sound real. It sounds trendy. It sounds fake. But trust me, this is for real.

What is brand energy? In its most basic form, its a combination of a firm’s differentiation, relevance to customers, reputation, awareness, and loyalty. When measured quantitatively, it paints a very accurate picture of where a brand is, and where it has potential.

John Gerzema of Young & Rubicam and Ed Lebar, a former economics professor from the City College of New York, have done extensive research on the topic. Their findings are stunning.

Brands with high brand energy are stronger and more profitable to the tune of up to 50% over their un-energized competition.

Want to learn more, or how you can harness your brand’s energy?

Stay tuned, or call us at Newman Grace, and see how we’ve turn brand energy into brand profits for our clients.




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  1. Laura
    July 15, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    Is there a reason that we must ever “mystify” the notion of brand by continually creating the next Latest!-Greatest!-Revolutionary! concept that’s destined to render all previous (and essentially identical) approaches utterly obsolete? Could it be that these high-performing companies simply:(a) developed a smart, relevant business model (b) have a clear, compelling story to tell and (c) have managed to align employees and efforts to deliver? Difficult, sure…but neither revolutionary nor mysterious.

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