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Has Twitter jumped the shark?

I teach advertising and marketing at a prominent university. My students tend to be junior and senior communications students. When it comes to tech, they are savvy.

Hopefully students like my class. That being said, I still think I get the better end of the deal. I think I learn more than my students do. For me, it’s like having a 40 research subjects for a 4-hour focus group each week.

I started this semester with a simple question: Is Twitter lame?

The result? More than 75% of my students said YES!

Their perception is that it’s older adults jumping on a bandwagon. “Why do I need a website to do what Facebook or my cell phone already do?” said one student. “No way I’m using Twitter. My mom uses it!”

When Fonzi jumped the shark, literally, in the now famous episode of Happy Days, it became synonymous with taking something too far. A little known fact is that they did something like 100 more episodes after they jumped the shark, so by no means did it sink the show.

My thoughts? Twitter will not take over the world. It’s not the end all, be all. For some things, it’s use is perfect. For others, not so much.

Here’s my caution: be careful of your blind devotion to it. If it works for you, your business, or your industry, leverage it for all you can. For the rest of you, and probably the vast majority of you, proceed with at least a little caution. Twitter-aholics are not being seen as leaders in all circles. In fact in some, they’re definitely Fonzi’s.

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