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Marketing In A Recovery Year

Okay, everyone. We made it through 2009. It’s a year many of us are glad to see go. We’ve learned some hard lessons. And we’re still licking a few wounds.

So where do we go from here? I’m here to tell you THIS IS THE YEAR TO ACT! History shows us that those who are proactive (marketing-wise) coming out of recessions profit the most.

What can you do? What should you do? Here are three tips…

B2B Magazine’s latest survey says marketing spending will go way up compared to last year. Granted, it was way down last year, but the point is still the same. Assume competitors are looking to increase their spending.

As the business marketing place gets cluttered, focused messages are the ones that get through. Be bold, be memorable, and be consistent with your messaging.

While traditional advertising spending is down, other areas are on the rise. Even the smallest companies need to pay attention to their websites, SEO, and social media. You need to integrate PR, event marketing, and promotions. Focus your message, but shout it out in various media.

As you move forward in 2010, put some thought and effort into your marketing and branding efforts. As we like to say at Newman Grace,  “If you don’t look after your brand, no one else will, either.”

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