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Why Apple Doesn’t Sell Computers

Quick, think about your last customer or client—did you “sell” to them, or did they “buy” from you? Did they reach out to you, or did you reach out to them? Was more effort exerted on  your end, or theirs?

The most successful brands in the world market and advertise themselves. But look at what they are saying. Apple doesn’t say, “Buy our computers.” They say, “Hey, this is cool, check it out.”  Nike doesn’t say, “Buy our gear.” They say, “Go for it.”

Michelin doesn’t sell tires, they sell safety. Coca Cola doesn’t sell soda, they sell refreshment. And In-N-Out doesn’t sell fast food, they sell wet, drippy burgers that people will line up around the block to buy.

It’s the same with services. Southwest is all about getting you where you want to go. Allstate is about feeling safe. And Facebook is all about connecting.

What are you “all about?” What drives your business? What drives you, and your employees? And does it show? Do your customers “Get it?”

The formula to a successful brand is simple. Do something, or make something. Do it for a reason. Make that reason important, to you and your customer. Do it differently than others. Do it better. And once you’re on top, reinvent yourself. Again, and again, and again.

Executing it is very difficult. Each step is a promise to the consumer, and you have to keep your promises.

Apple doesn’t promise a bigger computer. Nor a faster one. They promise a great customer experience with their products.

What can you promise your customers and clients? If you want to build a better brand, start there. A great brand starts with you.

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