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Apple’s iPhone Marketing Oops…or Was It?

April 20, 2010

apple iphone marketingSo, Apple, one of the most secretive tech brands known to man. Tight lipped. Protecting every bit of news. And then…

Oops! An Apple employee “accidently” leaves a prototype 4G iPhone in a Redwood City bar. Accident? Or brilliant PR? Or counter-intelligence to throw off the competitors?

First off, what’s an employee doing with the phone off-site? If he was trying to hook up, and iPad might be good enough to make the grade with nearby Stanford co-eds.

Oh, was he “field testing?” We’re they were checking for possible Verizon reception in the bar? Can you hear me now?

Maybe AT&T should be worried? Maybe this was right on track for the marketing plan.

What I know is that Apple is brilliant at marketing. If they wanted word to get out, they got it. If they didn’t, they’ll spin it to their favor.

And by the way, Apple’s stock is more than double what it was a year ago. Hmmm, not bad in a recession.

Marketing misstep, or brilliant PR? You decide.

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