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Introducing Southern California Professional Magazine

March 13, 2012
Southern California Professional Magazine

Southern California Professional Magazine

Want to mention to all of you Southern California Professional Magazine. It’s a very new concept in online publishing. The magazine is publishing in two formats: static and flash. The static version looks like a conventional website, while the flash one looks like a printed magazine.

The first issue features articles from thought leaders including franchise attorney Barry Kurtz, author and sales consultant Alyse hart, business broker Matt Coletta, employment attorney Karen Gabler, iCare4Macs president David Joyce, and, well, me.

The magazine will be promoted with marketing activities including press releases, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, social marketing, and even an upcoming radio show appearance.

Care to see it? Visit www.socalprofessional.com to see. To view the flash version, click on the thumbnail cover in the upper right hand corner of the home page by the word “expand”. You can also access the flash version at http://issuu.com/socalprofessional/docs/socalpro.sellingbiz.wnter2012/3

Let me know what you think!

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