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Do Brands Matter?

September 3, 2014 Leave a comment

What value is there in a brand? Do brands matter?

There have been a lot discussions of late questioning the value of brands. Personally, I think these have mostly come from people who don’t understand brands.

An article in The Economist recently raised this topic. Despite that research indicates brands account for more than 30% of the stockmarket value of companies of the S&P 500. Still, poo-poo the importance.

Has the Internet lowered brand values? Are brands just “shortcuts” for people to buy products. Or do some products really have more value based on their brand.

To learn more about the what many of today’s business pundits are saying, check out this article from The Economist.

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12 Great Concepts From Malcolm Gladwell




Okay, so Malcolm is one of my heroes. He hassuch an incredible sense for looking at things in new and insightful ways. He had me at Tipping Point, but he just keeps coming up with the goods.

I just saw this article and it’s a great summary of some of his most powerful concepts.


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New Social Network for Live Events

Crowdseye screen grab

Hey everyone, here’s a cool new social media platform that focuses on live events. It’s in beta right now, but you can be one of the testers. It’s free, just go to and sign in.

They just had a really successful test at SXSW, and are planning on the big launch for Coachella. When you post pics, video or comments, you’re entered into challenges, and you can win stuff.

Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Lessons From The Netflix Debacle

Forbes screen clip

Here’s a great read on just how Netflex screwed the pooch and 5 lessons learned from the mess. In an internet world using social media, marketing successes AND failures can happen lightning fast.

Interested in the specifics? Read it online at Forbes

BUZZ LINK: New Study Shows Major Shift In Affluent Spending

The Nielsen company just released information that shows a marked shift in spending of affluent households. The study shows that affluent buying of private labels isn’t going down, but rather up.

The marketing impact of this can be significant if it continues. The trend really begain in 2007, but caught momentum in 2008 with the economic downturn.

Households earning more than $100k, formerly the friend of big brands, have begun to drift. This is most notable with consumers who are younger than baby boomers.

What’s this mean? Value is key in a down economy!

Here’s a link to the article at

5 Marketing Bloggers You Might Like

So, I’m a marketing and branding junkie. Here’s a list of five smart thinkers in the marketing world that don’t get as much press as the rock star marketers, but should.

Andy Sernovitz’s “Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That”
Unusually useful information for smart marketers

The Viral Garden
Mack Collier’s blog “blurring the line between company and customer”
Everything social media

Ben McConnell’s “Church of the Customer
Noted customer loyalty author

Mike Sansone’s “ConverStations”
Great site aggregator with tons of links and helpful tips

John Moore’s “Brand Autopsy”
Smart guy from Starbucks and Whole Foods marketing fame


Buzz Link: How Social Is Too Social?

Interesting think piece by David Armano exploring issues relating to marketing and social networks.

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