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Listen To Brian Hemsworth Talk Marketing On Stars of PR Radio


Brian Hemsworth, marketing professional and author of this blog will be interviewed by Cindy Rakowitz Thursday on the Stars of PR radio show. They’ll be discussing Southern California Professional Magazine, marketing, and a whole bunch of related topics.

Cindy is the CEO of Blackman Rakowitz Public Relations, and is  a highly respected, award- winning executive with years of experience in crisis management, branding and marketing. Rakowitz contributes as an expert analyst to several news organizations. She is the co-author of the new book Emergency Public Relations, Crisis Management in a 3.0 World and is currently enjoying her speaking tour.

The show is broadcast live at 7:00 am Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica internet radio. Click here for more info:

New Social Network for Live Events

Crowdseye screen grab

Hey everyone, here’s a cool new social media platform that focuses on live events. It’s in beta right now, but you can be one of the testers. It’s free, just go to and sign in.

They just had a really successful test at SXSW, and are planning on the big launch for Coachella. When you post pics, video or comments, you’re entered into challenges, and you can win stuff.

Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Lessons From The Netflix Debacle

Forbes screen clip

Here’s a great read on just how Netflex screwed the pooch and 5 lessons learned from the mess. In an internet world using social media, marketing successes AND failures can happen lightning fast.

Interested in the specifics? Read it online at Forbes

Where Do People Look At On Facebook?

Facebook heat map

What you put, and where you put it matters!

Mashable recently reported on this., a recent startup doing eye tracking studies for advertisers, looked at how we look at social media. They actually tracked the eyes of people looking at social media pages such as Facebook.

The results? You picture matters. Your title matters. Who you know matters. The rest?  Not so much.

Another interesting finding was the typical eye pattern. For decades we have used the “Z” pattern to design print materials. Typically eyes start at the upper left, track across the page to the right, then down and left, and exit the page on the lower right, creating a “Z” pattern. Not so on social media. Eyes typically start in the upper left/center zone, what I might call the “news feed” or “status” zone, then do a clockwise spiral up, top, around to the right, then down and back to the left.

Wonder if Zuckerberg hired these guys when Facebook did their recent redesign?