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Branding Your Value

February 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Brian Hemsworth

I just finished consulting with an insurance professional involved in his own consulting practice. To build his business, we’ve determined that he needs to educate customers (and potential customers) on the value of his services, and therefore, the value of his brand.

In today’s business environment, you can’t take long to state your case. You’ve got to give overt benefits right away, as well as demonstrate dramatic differentiation. If they’re still with you, value comes next.

Here’s a great rule of thumb: try to create a perceived value of 2-3 times your cost. That’s the minimum. Early in my career a mentor told me, “Give 10 times the value of what you charge and you’ll never be looking for clients.”

Weaving value into your brand message is more important in this economy than ever before. Create value, deliver value, and clients will find you!

– Brian Hemsworth

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Welcome To The Buzz!

February 13, 2009 1 comment

Social networking is all the buzz right now. People under 30 years old have grown up with it. People over 60 don’t get it. But everyone in between is just getting hip to it. Problem is, most people still haven’t figured out the best way to use it for their own needs.

In the movie “City Slickers”, Curly talks about the “one thing” thing that counts. Billy Crystal’s character comes to learn that it’s different for everybody, and that you have to learn what matters to you.

Well the same is true with social networking. With my clients, some are young and hip and cool and groovy. They get everything electronic, and they’re power users of MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I’ve also got older clients that can’t stand the buzz about it. They just don’t get it. Then there’s a bunch in between of all levels.

Some people will generate business from social networking. Some will connect with friends. Some will find jobs. Some will boost their websites SEO. And some, just won’t ever get it.

My advice is start slow and build from there. Sign on, enter a profile, and begin getting connected. If you like it, do more. If not, at least you’re in the game.

Coming soon will be more updates and tips from our new Social Marketing training program, that blends proven “old school” networking practices with “new school” social networking tools.

Stay tuned!

– Brian Hemsworth Read more…

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