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Listen To Brian Hemsworth Talk Marketing On Stars of PR Radio


Brian Hemsworth, marketing professional and author of this blog will be interviewed by Cindy Rakowitz Thursday on the Stars of PR radio show. They’ll be discussing Southern California Professional Magazine, marketing, and a whole bunch of related topics.

Cindy is the CEO of Blackman Rakowitz Public Relations, and is  a highly respected, award- winning executive with years of experience in crisis management, branding and marketing. Rakowitz contributes as an expert analyst to several news organizations. She is the co-author of the new book Emergency Public Relations, Crisis Management in a 3.0 World and is currently enjoying her speaking tour.

The show is broadcast live at 7:00 am Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica internet radio. Click here for more info:


5 Tips To Harnessing New Speed of Marketing

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Cheese up a kid’s nose while wearing a Domino’s uniform. Kicking a famous movie director off a plane for being too fat. One Olympic star tweeting trash about another.

Marketing, positive and negative, now happens as the speed of a text message. Or a YouTube video. Or a smart phone video emailed to a news reporter.

Wait, did he say positive? Yup.

We know of the PR nightmares, but what of the success stories? They’re out there, too. Pepsi’s Refresh campaign, shifted Superbowl funds, got a ton of good press, and now has 587,000 fans on Facebook…and rising. A comedian in Cleveland creates a viral video bagging on the city, and the convention and visitor’s bureau (Positively Cleveland) turns it around with their own social media campaign. All in a fraction of the time of traditional marketing campaigns.

How do you harness the high speed today’s 2.0 marketing? Here’s five quick tips on ramping up your marketing speed.

1 ) Know Your Brand, Know Your Message
Noah built the ark before the storm. You should, too. The time to sculpt your message is now, not later. Know what you stand for, what you’ll fight for, and what you’re willing to let slide.

2) Get Your Head In The Game
Social media is a space you need to be in, so get up to speed. Study your customer’s habits. Gather intelligence on your competitors. Learn the do’s and don’t of text, IM, Facebook, blogging, Twitter, and any other media  you find your customers using.

3) Expedite Your Marketing Process
Death by committee is all too common in the Web 2.0 space. Decisions need to come quickly, and so does implementation. Gone are the long lead times of annual campaigns. Messaging must act and react even more quickly.

4) Learn Your Customer’s Language
Don’t get lost in translation. Carefully crafted messages are great for big, public press conferences with old-school media audiences, but they don’t work in a 140 character world. Learn the way your customers talk on their preferred media, then speak their language. Messages will get through faster.

5) Develop a Proactive/Reactive Social Strategy
First, start up your own conversations. Don’t sell, talk. Second, listen. What are others say? What are they saying to you? What are they saying to others? Gently guide conversations toward your own company’s compass heading.When reacting to others, never post your first thought. Draft it, pause, then come back to it. It’s like arguing with a spouse…a little bit of restraint will often reduce the anger, and open up real communication.

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Marketing In A Recovery Year

December 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay, everyone. We made it through 2009. It’s a year many of us are glad to see go. We’ve learned some hard lessons. And we’re still licking a few wounds.

So where do we go from here? I’m here to tell you THIS IS THE YEAR TO ACT! History shows us that those who are proactive (marketing-wise) coming out of recessions profit the most.

What can you do? What should you do? Here are three tips…

B2B Magazine’s latest survey says marketing spending will go way up compared to last year. Granted, it was way down last year, but the point is still the same. Assume competitors are looking to increase their spending.

As the business marketing place gets cluttered, focused messages are the ones that get through. Be bold, be memorable, and be consistent with your messaging.

While traditional advertising spending is down, other areas are on the rise. Even the smallest companies need to pay attention to their websites, SEO, and social media. You need to integrate PR, event marketing, and promotions. Focus your message, but shout it out in various media.

As you move forward in 2010, put some thought and effort into your marketing and branding efforts. As we like to say at Newman Grace,  “If you don’t look after your brand, no one else will, either.”