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Is “Old School” Marketing Kicking Social Media’s Butt?

March 17, 2010 12 comments

Social media is everywhere. It’s in the pages we read, the shows we watch, and the discussions we have at the watercooler.

People are tweeting, blogging, posting, friending, connecting, and sharing everything. For some, it’s working. For others, it’s not.

Enter “old school marketing.” I want to share two different “old school” marketing tactics that are kicking social media’s butt in many sectors.

When email entered the picture, people shouted “Hallelujah” over the fact that they could cut print bills and postage costs. Unfortunately many also cut their response rates. And their sales. And their profits.

I’ve spoken to a dozen friends, clients, and associates in the past week about their mail habits, and everyone (about half of them) who has returned to snail mail or never abandoned it is glad they did.

Why? Despite the cost, these companies are getting measurable ROI results. Something that can’t be said of MANY social media campaigns.

Now I’m not saying social media isn’t necessary. Quite the contrary. What I am saying is that social networking, for many business sectors, has not delivered on its promise for tangible monetary results.

The above examples include law firms, sporting goods manufacturers, non-profits, and even investment brokers.

Another series of discussions I’ve had lately focused on what business professionals are doing in their “personal selling”. While my sampling is small, about 30 conversations, the results are unmistakable. Those who meeting, face to face, chatting, pressing the flesh, and spreading their own gospel, are winning new business.

The most successful technique we’ve seen…small, intimate, yet informal gatherings. We know one financial professional who gathers about 6-8 people once a month. He buys lunch, brings one or two of his associates in, and mixes up the group with attorneys, insurance reps, wealth managers, etc. It’s just lunch and chit chat. And it’s working. The firm is getting business out of it, and the invited guests are, too.

The takeaway here is not to abandon social media. And it’s not to start mail or meetings, per se. It’s to see how you can connect with your audience (clients, prospects, referral sources, etc.) in a meaningful, accountable way that truly drives business to your bottom line.

When everybody is going left, try going right. Try simple, yet proven forms of communication. Try talking and conversing, not virtually, but literally.

Hmmm…real mail, real meetings, real people? They deliver real results. Really. What a concept.


More Personal Marketing Secrets.

Brian Hemsworth - Newman Grace Based on the outpouring of interest in the last post on the M-F-T method of networking, I’ll continue the conversation. This is a powerful way to improve your networking and personal marketing skills. It’s a technique we at Newman Grace have developed with our advertising and marketing clients, originally for ads we created.

First off, remember that you will always connect more if you can get the other person to speak more. By connecting on something deeper than a superficial topic, such as M-F-T teaches us, we create engagement. When you’re speaking to someone who is engaged, they remember more, and they like you more (both good for personal marketing).

Don’t come right out and ask what someone fears, but rather ask probing questions. For what matters, try something like, “What’s on your mind today?” For fear, try a question like,  “What’s your/your company’s biggest challenge right now? And for treasure, try not to ask. Listen for clues, instead. Listen for what they’re doing after work or on the weekend.

For those who missed it, M-F-T tells us that when we are networking, online or offline, we should talk about what “M”atters, what the other person “F”ears, and/or what they “T”reasure. These topics allow for deeper conversation, more connection, and the better likelyhood for a relationship that will turn into business or a referral. For a great book that supports our process, check out at

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The MFT Principle for Personal Marketing & Networking

June 10, 2009 2 comments

Brian Hemsworth - Newman GraceSo, you out there networking. Maybe online, maybe offline. What do you talk about?

Well, if you’re on Twitter, you tell everyone what you’re doing. If you’re blogging, you tell people what you think. If you at a cocktail party, you talk about the Lakers. And if it’s a business breakfast mixer, you comment on the coffee.

Want to break past the chit chat and get to something that might drive business your way?

Think M-F-T.

M stands for what’s on the other person’s MIND. What are they thinking about, dealing with, or spending time considering?

F stands for what they FEAR. What keeps someone up at night? What business problem are they dealing with>

Finally, T stands for what they TREASURE. Find that out, and you just got the keys to the kingdom.

Each of these things, M-F-T, is a tool for engaging in a conversation the person you’re talking to will be interested in. Forget about you, focus on them.

It works online, and it works offline. Want to move a “nothing” conversation to a “something” conversation? Try M-F-T.